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This is a preview of what a watercoloured version of this could look like. When they go up for sale, there will be an option to have it watercoloured, this makes each print one of a kind, even though they are prints. 
“Soft Anatomy” [Coloured] 2011
Rebecca Ladds

Currently writing a “Born This Way” IB parody.


ya thats her and terry richardson
l o l

okay why did someone draw that, jw.

k w o w k



black swan

I need this on my tumblrrrr

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this is beautiful 
karlie xx

i luv you. i'm not doing my chem homework idk why but i just don't feel like it lull.

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Koreas finally get together after North-fueled spike in military tension


  • YES they’re talking about a fresh disarmament treaty source

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In 1998 this precocious letter-writer took issue with an Economist leader on child-free flights. Its author would now be 18: I wonder if she uses tumblr?